[October Promotion] 1 FOR 1 OMAKASE POWER COURSE ($88++)

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Two is always better than one. This October, invite someone special with you to visit Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar to enjoy omakase course at the special price of $88++ for two! 

Menu for this special promotion:

1) Today's Appetizer
Begin your course with our appetizer prepared with carefully selected ingredients of the day.

2) Sashimi plate or Stewed Iberian Pork
The freshest sashimi and soft rich-flavored stewed Iberian pork are both always welcomed by guests of Ryu's Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar. Choose one.

3) Grilled Chicken marinated with special miso sauce and sake
The grilled chicken is marinated with sauce made with white miso and Shinkame sake kasu (lees of the sake making process).  

4) Assorted Tempura
A hot crispy tempura plate will make clear (will enhance) the taste and aroma of sake.

5) Cold Wheat Udon
Udon noodles are delivered from Chiba, Japan. It is made with very natural ingredients, pesticide-free whole wheat flour and natural salt from Akou. This udon is thinner than ordinary udon, but since it is made with whole wheat flour, it is chewy and filling to satisfy your appetite.

6) Today's Dessert
Let's finish your meal with today's adorable dessert. 

Terms and conditions: 
Promotion ends 31st October 2016. 

Ryu's Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar
#01-87 Capitol Piazza, 
15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906
(Cityhall MRT Exit D)
Tel: 63849087

Opening hours
Lunch:  From 12:00 noon onwards. Last order at 14:30.
Dinner: From 17:00 onwards. Last order at 23:00. 

Please join us with your family, partner or friend this October. We welcome you!