The season for Anko hotpot has arrived!

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In recent days, we have been hearing news from Japan about the arrival of winter, with the first snows and cold winds. And with the coming of winter, the long wait is over. For this is the season when we can enjoy one of the pleasures of winter in Japan: anko hotpot.


What is anko?

Anko (monkfish) is a delicacy fish which stands for the taste of winter, so much so that we have the saying: "In western Japan fugu (puffer fish), in eastern Japan anko!" Anko is a deep-sea fish found in the waters around Japan that inhabits the sandy mud on the sea floor at a depth of 100–300 meters. While the fish has a very odd appearance, it is said to be "a fish with no bits to throw away." All parts except for the bones can be eaten; not only the meat, but also the skin, internal organs, and gills of this waste-free fish.


Anko is best eaten in the cold winter season. The fish stores up lots of nutrients in preparation for the spawning of eggs in the spring and has fattened up considerably, but when the water temperature drops, its meat tightens up nicely. In other words, we are truly at the start of the season for enjoying anko.


“Ryu’s Special anko hotpot" is created using three kinds of miso paste (Hatcho miso, Saikyo tsubu miso, mellow white miso from Sea of Japan) and bonito stock. It is completed with a special sauce created by kneading the liver of the fish and fresh vegetables, all of which are boiled together. Last year, we served our special anko hotpot for the first time in Singapore, and it proved to be a very popular dish.

We will soon be taking reservations for the enjoyment of this hotpot in our restaurant this winter, so please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that you will enjoy our hotpot, a treat that can only be savored in winter.



(Update on 18 Nov.)

Anko (monkfish) now arrived at Ryu's Japanese Restaurant!

We will start offering Anko hot pot from 19 Nov. Anko hot pot course 160S$++ per person (we accept orders from 2 pax), Anko hot pot a la carte 160S$++ (for 2 - 3 pax). Let's enjoy Japanese winter together with Japanese sake in Singapore.

For reservations, please call us or visit our store.


Contact us: 6384-9087